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Paul Ricard, CEO - DP TECHNOLOGY (California)

Paul Ricard, CEO - DP TECHNOLOGY (California)

I have been working with Cabinet ACCILE for close to three years now and I couldn’t be more pleased with their services.

When we need to fill positions in engineering and software development at our headquarters located near Los Angeles, ACCILE has always presented to us highly qualified candidates, many of which we eventually hired. Every single candidate we hired through ACCILE has been a top performer.

It didn’t take long for ACCILE to understand our various needs and they adapted well to our specific hiring process and somewhat difficult requirements, especially in regards to immigrating to the US. Communicating with ACCILE is easy and effective. In short, Accile has become a strategic recruiting vehicle for DP Technology.

Paul Ricard, CEO, DP TECHNOLOGY (California)

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Accile, cabinet de recrutement en communication, marketing, digital et IT, vous propose des services d’aide au recrutement et sourcing CV, accompagnement RH et formations managériales et commerciales. Bénéficiez d’une réelle expertise en recrutement communication et marketing, recrutement digital et recrutement informatique.


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