Who are we

Who are we

How to recognize a good candidate today, how to build an effective team and especially how to maintain effectiveness ? These days it’s important to consider “the whole person”, not only their professional qualities, but also their personality. This is essential when recruiting. The number one priority is skill, but close behind is personality ; together these are important for the future.

Since its beginnings in 2001, Accile has positioned itself as a key player in the recruitment of business communication, marketing, internet and computing technology personnel. And we recruit into business, managerial, creative or technical positions.

Accile offers full support in auditing the qualification process. Accile also searches and selects candidates, as well as advising, following-up, and supporting HR departments.

Accile offers across the board support for businesses, communication agencies and IT service companies. It assists leaders in their choice of future employees. Accile has also a consultancy service to better supports its clients which currently offers HR Management Training and Customer Relationship Management. Recruitment is not just about finding the impossible – it is also about the life of the company, about continuing the relationship and staying in touch.

About Accile

Founded in 2001 by Véronique Speltdoorn, our recruitment company has offices in Paris and Lyon.

Accile combines all the highest qualities in recruitment by offering its customers :

  • An audit and consulting service in qualification requirements,
  • A bespoke recruitment service that puts personal qualities above technical competences,
  • Advice and support for in-house teams.